ENVISION understands the specific issues controlling successful procurement of merchandise because it is designed exclusively for importers.  Effective sourcing, delivery monitoring, and financial commitment are achieved using ENVISION's purchase order and letter of credit modules.  ENVISION tracks in-bound vessels and air shipments with ease and prepares documentation for efficient customs processing.  Streamlined functionality allows merchandise to be received and managed, minimizing warehouse effort while maximizing inventory turns.

Purchase Orders
ENVISION Purchase Order enables you to effectively communicate with overseas suppliers providing them with minute specification details ensuring timely merchandise delivery while keeping costs low. Purchase Orders and contracts may be transmitted electronically or by employing more traditional paper methods. Details such as Bill of Material and Packing Matrix are included on all legal documents to ensure vendor compliance with your specifications. A single Purchase Order may contain multiple items, multiple deliveries per item, and varying destination points.

Letters of Credit
Letters of Credit are carefully managed with each partner in the sourcing process. This type of customer care builds relationships based on trust and fairness. ENVISION monitors Purchase Orders to assure each one is covered by a Letter of Credit. ENVISION supports blanket Letters of Credit established with vendors for anticipated booings. Key financial players are kept abreast of projected liability enabling them to forecast cash flow requirements.

Actual FOB and Landed costs are calculated to exacting standards. ENVISION's Documents module applies merchandise invoices plus any other ancillary charges directly to the cost of your merchandise providing you with real costs. You may also distribute bulk transportation or storage charges against total container freight cost. As documents are entered into ENVISION, merchandise, whether on water or in your warehouse, can be included in your Inventory valuation.

Inbound Shipments
Tracking and communicating delivery status is critical as merchandise departs from your sourcing partner. ENVISION provides an interface for overseas offices, shipping partners, or import personnel to create container manifests for shipments. On-line inventory accurately depicts estimated times of arrival making it visible to the key individuals who need that information. To facilitate the receiving process, loading details are ultimately converted into receiving tally sheets or integrated with Warehouse Management Systems.


ENVISION simplifies the complexities of preparing documentation for import brokers who manage your customs entries. In ENVISION, customs files are associated with the containers they represent allowing you to know exactly when your shipments are ready for customs processing. This in turn automatically produces a bill of lading tickler, identifying each bill of lading necessary to ensure proper documentation required to file an entry. 7501 prep documents are printed to assist import personnel who relay entry information to the broker. When container demand at the pier exceeds receiving capability, prioritization of containers is critical. ENVISION provides sophisticated analysis capability by classifying 'hot' containers as those containing the highest percentage of merchandise for orders closest to their cancel dates.

Receiving, the final step in ENVISION's sourcing process begins with tally sheet generation or automatic warehouse management system notification. To insure quality, during the receiving process, anticipated carton counts, dimensions, cube, UPC numbers, and weight are relayed to warehouse personnel. As merchandise is received in the warehouse, ENVISION employs tools such as Mass Container Receipt and Receipt by DC Number, to streamline the receiving process. ENVISION updates real-time inventory by calculating quantity received good, damaged, and short. Claims reports may be generated to create factory or steamship line charge backs for product discrepancies and damages.

Inventory Management
ENVISION manages corporate perpetual inventory via controlled inventory adjustments. Each transaction is categorized with a reason code that directs the inventory effect, as well as provides the basis for audit and analysis. Inventory may be added at current cost value or user specified cost to allow for additional processing or other changes in valuation. ENVISION maintains a real-time inventory position throughout the supply chain process. Powerful inquiry and reporting modules make data available within the organization as well as remotely over the Internet. ENVISION phases inventory availability by leveling order commitment against on hand and inbound inventory.

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