Company History

Information Solutions has been consulting exclusively to importers of apparel, handbags, and other softgoods on their business software requirements since 1982.  As the dynamics of these industries changed, Information Solutions evolved to meet the growing demand for knowledge-base business solutions.

Having developed a solid understanding of the unique challenges facing softgoods importers forged from over two decades of industry experience, Information Solutions recognized the need for more intelligent and intuitive business software.  In 1992, the company put its vast knowledge base to work, developing a comprehensive yet simply sophisticated computer-based solution.  Information Solutions' flagship software package was designed specifically to address the issues facing apparel, handbag, and other softgoods importers.

Today, Information Solutions maintains its focus on softgoods importing, building on decades of knowledge and experience while remaining flexible to ever changing industry dynamics.  It is this combination of focus and flexibility that makes Information Solutions a valuable business partner.