ENVISION's Executive Command Systems empowers managers to make effective tactical decisions.  Real time data entry translates to real time information available for mission critical decision makers.  Drill down inquiries and sophisticated graphs provide executives with direct access to the pulse of your organization.

Production Analysis
ENVISION facilitates executive decisions by providing sophisticated analysis of current and historical purchases. Profits are easily forecasted by limitless classifications. ENVISION analyzes open purchases, landing cost differentials, and anticipated vendor gross margins by strategic business unit or commodity and presents the data using sophisticated comparison tools that help assess category performance. ENVISION provides factory load analysis; surfacing critical orders whenever factors in the supply chain alter normal scheduling processes. Drill down into your data to discover additional key production information.

Inventory Analysis
Knowing up to the minute valuation of warehouse inventory is critical to maximizing turns and keeping inventory current. ENVISION provides analysis of inventory by many classifications such as strategic business unit, commodity, sub commodity, product line, year, and special order goods. ENVISION streamlines the analysis process by providing clean, simple top level analysis inquiries for executives, and detailed drill down stratifications for managers. Inventory value is computed via weighted average cost algorithms combined with an automated markdown system to ensure accurate valuation for audit or insurance purposes. Inventory is aged via FIFO methodology and presented, with drill downs, by every possible classification. You will see what is not moving and why.

Sell Through Analysis
ENVISION provides executives and managers fluid management of inventory sell-throughs by displaying exactly how well each commodity is selling and enabling drill down to finer delineations ultimately arriving at individual items. ENVISION provides sell though analysis categorized by all classifications of an item, including strategic business unit, commodity, sub commodity, year, product line, and group.

Order and Sales Analysis
Monitoring trends in sales and profit are key functions embedded within ENVISION. Determining performance of customers, sales representatives or sales groups is achieved using multi-year comparisons, and a rating process that ranks sales by volume and profit. Cumulative percentages identify top customers and the effect of sales representatives on the entire organization.

ENVISION's customer sales analysis breaks out top and bottom performing commodities, seasons, product lines, and years in order to pro-act to slowing growth or to recognize leading trends within an account. Drill down capabilities allow executives to begin at very high level analysis and continually stratify until individual shipments are displayed. Chart SBU sales by customer. Chart product line sales by SBU. Chart commodity sales within product line. Continue breaking down these essential elements of your business until you have the complete picture of performance and profitability.

Charting and Reporting
ENVISION provides true MS-Windows graphical analysis capability in every inquiry provided throughout the system. Each window of analytical information may be displayed in Microsoft Excel type formats, or represented in standard as well as 3 dimensional Pie, Line, Bar, or Stacked Bar Charts. After selecting and formatting your preferred display options, graphs may be saved in private or public repositories for ease of future reference.

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