Whether using public warehousing facilities, or micro managing your own four walls, ENVISION provides support through every step of the distribution process.  ENVISION leverages cutting edge automation to gain the efficiencies needed to distribute merchandise within the short windows provided by the retailer.

Warehouse Order Management
ENVISION creates a warehouse order pool for the warehouse staff to work from. Released from your allocation department, these orders are processed to determine projected carriers, departure dates, total weight and cube as well as any pre-shipment processing requirements. Picking waves are built using intelligent tools to maximize productivity and meet customer and released to the warehouse floor.

Warehouse Locator
ENVISION optimizes order fulfillment by tracking each SKU down to the lowest level of detail. Since the locator system is seamlessly developed into ENVISION, put-away processes are driven from previously built container manifests. Locations can be automatically generated, or acknowledged real-time via RF scans.

Pick locations can be assigned automatically, based upon business rules previously established. Intelligent cross docking can be established based upon loaded allocation waves. Physical counts that shut down operations can be eliminated by utilizing cycle count and auto-reconciliation features provided.

Pick and Pack
ENVISION supports both automated and real-time models of pick and pack. Automated packing occurs during warehouse order creation. Carton sizes are established and cartons are manifested based upon efficient algorithms using piece and carton cube. Real-time packing occurs using RF handheld devices and printers. Carton manifest labels, along with UCC-128 and UPS 1Z labels are automatically printed right on the packing floor. ASN's are transmitted based upon the carton contents.

Complaint Routing
ENVISION provides customer compliant routing based upon either routing rules previously established or 753/754 EDI interaction with the retailer. Carriers, destinations and consolidators are defined at the latest part of the distribution process to ensure accurate routing.

UPS Shipments
UPS zones are determined and rate charts (including Hundredweight) are used to accurately determine freight costs. ENVISION provides a UPS approved manifest, eliminating the need for 3rd party manifest systems. Manifests can be built automatically via integration with material handling systems or via the ENVISION RF Manifest Station. Local shipments rates can be rate shopped between standard house truck schedules UPS charges. ENVISION also can supply a UPS approved shipping label eliminating the need for multiple labels on carton. Manifests can be transmitted directly to UPS at the end of they day, and the EOD label produced for the driver.

Conveyor Ready

ENVISION directs the operation of various material handling systems. Conveyor lane and pallet position assignment originates from ENVISION, where line managers have tools provided to work orders by route, cancel date, major customer or any user defined criteria created. Pick waves may be directly released to the conveyer or released to a conveyer staging area to minimize pick times. ENVISION automatically receives carton weights from in-line devices to accurately determine UPS charges on the fly. ENVISION touch screens are available within the warehouse to direct product movement and inform warehouse personnel about order status and shortages.

Label Application
Through ENVISION, labels may be printed in bulk, on-demand on the warehouse floor, or automatically through integrated print and apply equipment. ENVISION can prioritize and pass label formats to in-line P&A equipment eliminating the labor requirement for label apply personnel, and maximizing compliance accuracy with your customers.

Complaint Documentation
ENVISION produced customer compliant VICS bills of lading, packing slips, UCC-128 labels and customer required manifests at various stages of the process, based upon your business model. All documentation can be printed at the 'front-end' of the process to accommodate third party warehouse document packaging, or real time on the warehouse floor using RF scanners and wireless mobile printers.

Accounts Receivable
ENVISION provides flexible cash application and credit management, allowing for the quick and easy access and analysis of your accounts receivable assets. Extensive inquiry screens, as well as operational and management reports, offer the information needed to make fast and accurate decisions. The Accounts Receivable module provides the tools necessary to speed the collection of revenues. Credit Managers can now manage by exception, vastly improving the ability to manage your customer’s activity and credit level, thus enhancing the ability to manage cash flow.

ENVISION's Chargeback and Collection Managers assists in managing the collection process, proving your staff with the ability to annotate conversations and create follow-up activities to resolve collections issues.

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