Use the ENVISION Report Server™ and Inquiry System to quickly and easily transform data into powerful content.  Create personalized layouts and data sets.  Graph results on the fly.  Export all data extraction to Excel™ or PDF format.  ENVISION Report Server™ provides visibility of all events and their impact through-out the supply change.

ENVISION Report Suite
ENVISION comes pre-set with over 400 presentation-quality reports and inquiry views. But it doesn’t stop there. Each report can then be manipulated to add or remove data elements to create a personalized or group shared version that can be accessed over and over again. Data retrieval sets (filters) can also be created and saved to both public and private domains.

New reports can be created using Info-Maker™ or any third party product using ENVISION’s open database schema. Reports can be organized into user defined groups and accessed through ENVISION’s tree-view explorer.
ENVISION’s user repository keeps track of repetitive settings automatically for each report, allow the user to select default printers, orientation, zoom pre-sets and paper sources and sizes.

ENVISION Report Scheduler
ENVISION Reports Server is provided with a built in scheduling system that allows any ENVISION report to be processed and either printed or e/mailed at pre-determined times. E/Mails can be sent to notify that the document has completed printing, or actually include the report in a PDF format.

ENVISION inquiries provide up-to-the-second visibility of information crucial to running your business. Many inquiries are presented in a spreadsheet format, and allow users to drill down based on multiple branching points. On the fly graphing, reporting and export capabilities exist for every inquiry view. Advanced users may create their own views and link them directly into the ENVISION framework.

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