Customer Fulfillment is the proving ground to keeping your customers satisfied.  ENVISION employs a comprehensive Customer Profile to ensure your compliance with customer requirements.  Advanced Order Processing includes Sales Automation, Inbound EDI, and Order Substitution to facilitate sales order fulfillment.  Credit Checking and Allocation help you keep order commitments while monitoring your financial well-being.  Sales Representative templates allow you to compensate your sales staff with accuracy and efficiency.

Customer Profile
ENVISION's Customer Profile sets the foundation for Distribution. The extensive Customer Profile retains business rules that allow you to manage each customer according to their unique requirements. Compliance information regarding customer ship-to location and distribution center, credit terms, and packing preferences are among some of these unique requirements.

Sales Representative Profiles
Sales Representative Profiles manage commission remuneration. ENVISION allows commissions to be paid based on simple percentages of sale or by complex templates that can scale commission as a percent of selling price or percent of gross margin. Rates may vary by product category providing you with a very flexible method of rewarding your sales staff while promoting SBU sales. Commission templates are provided to effectively calculate the proper commission payments and facilitate reusability. Default templates associated with customers may be overridden at any time, even on the sales order it self.

Order Manipulation
A highly sophisticated Order Processing module supports entry of single and distribution orders in a grid format. Orders may be regular or 'Hold for Confirmation' (HFC). Regular orders automatically draw against related HFC's. Every order processed through ENVISION is validated against the customers profile and built-in user defined ENVISION business rules. This assures fast and effective customer fulfillment. Orders assigned a special designation of 'at-once' are expedited through the distribution process so they may be picked and shipped almost immediately.

Sales Automation
Sales Automation provides a streamlined method of order acceptance in your local showroom, sales rep office, or customer location. By simply scanning tickets attached to products or by using our Visual Image SelectorTM, ENVISION will accept items onto customer orders, upon which quantities, distribution locations, and prices are added. To finalize the sale, customers are provided with a customized order confirmation complete with product images.

Inbound EDI
EDI mappings for over 100 trading partners support a streamlined process to quickly and easily load customer orders into ENVISION. An interim hold status allows EDI orders to be analyzed and approved before being released
as regular orders. The EDI module automatically verifies transmitted information against a series of reference tables to ensure accuracy and compliance to previously established customer requirements.

Order Substitution
ENVISION provides a variety of methods to substitute similar merchandise when product demand exceeds inventory availability. Substitutions can be apparent or concealed. All customer paperwork is generated in accordance to these requirements. Mass substitutions can be run on a nightly basis to level demand of orders and substitute similar stock.

Credit Checking
ENVISION's Credit Checking features allow orders to be accepted and shipped with the security of protection against over exposure to customer credit lines and balances. Orders entered into ENVISION may be placed on hold in escalating severity levels, restricting allocation, picking, and shipment. Credit trade information is retained and shared to assist in making critical credit assumptions and decisions. ENVISION's credit profile displays key credit indicators while allowing the credit department to view and override credit conditions in a real-time environment.

Envision provides different methods to allocate orders against available merchandise. Simple yet powerful tools allow users to allocate orders by customer, item, and individual purchase order. Each allocation method verifies inventory availability and ensures that ship and cancel date windows are accommodated. ENVISION's automatic allocation analyzes and selects orders for shipment based upon inventory availability as well as customer compliance criteria such as ship complete orders, related items, and co-ordinate styles. ENVISION also provides cross-dock allocation functionality that analyzes in-bound merchandise by container and allocates orders against the incoming manifest. Cross-dock projections can be run to determine the 'hottest' shipments maximizing productivity in the warehouse.

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