In the late 1990s, Bag Bazaar was confronted with same issues that a lot of importers face today; they had a good computer system custom built around their business model, but lacked the technology to meet many of the new demands their customers were presenting to them. 

Bag Bazaar turned to a major supplier of enterprise software for a solution.  Not being apparel specific nor easily customizable, many requests were responded to with either "we'll need to create a workaround for that" or "you'll need to change your business model to match the system".  After spending 2 years and over $250,000, the implementation was just not working. 

So in 2000, Bag Bazaar turned to Information Solutions.  Bob Frankel, Vice President of Operations, contacted Information Solutions to investigate alternative software options.  Working together to determine the closest of a fit was the first order of business.  Upon completion of the business process review, both Bag Bazaar and Information Solutions were fully aware of the commitment necessary to create a successful implementation.

ENVISION rose up to the challenges that Bag Bazaar presented.  To accommodate Bag Bazaar's unique requirements, Information Solutions customized the system to fit their business model.  No workarounds.  No changing of a successful business model.  Bag Bazaar benefited from both a robust supply chain management system as well as a willingness from Information Solutions to satisfy every demand.

Since implementing ENVISION, Bag Bazaar has increased their profitability by cutting labor cost 15-20% and has been able to improve their global sourcing by allowing them to have strong visibility throughout their supply chain.